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Spirit Vlog

A Video Blog featuring the latest practical advice content in dialogue form.

  • SpiritVlog Ep 9 – Enhancing Balance in Our Lives

    We encounter so many obstacles in our lives that can take our time and energy away. Let’s look at some of the ways we can reclaim our power by taking our time and energy back. P.s. Bonus Vlog inside!

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  • SpiritVlog Ep 15 – Dealing with Loss

    Fitting in with our latest post on grief, tune in as we explore the 4 steps in further detail in this SpiritVlog where we elaborate more on how each step helps us in our healing!

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  • SpiritVlog Ep 14 – Managing Overindulgence

    How much time do we spend on our indulgences? Are we enjoying life, or escaping reality? Are we choosing a path towards addiction? Or are we choosing to pull ourselves out and take control of our lives? Tune in as we discuss strategies to keep ourselves accountable in our lives.

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  • Vlog Ep. 13 – Navigating Long Term Goals

    How do we pursue our long-term goals in our Careers, Relationships, Families and our Passions when sometimes work, family and personal matters can also get in the way? We discuss spirituality and our chakras’ influence on long-term goals. Let’s crush those long-term goals, one chakra at a time!

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  • SpiritVlog Ep. 8: Planning to Start

    In Episode 8 of the #SpiritVlog, we discuss starting our passions. Starting is a daunting task. With all our nerves getting in the way, find out how we can focus on new passions without distractions!

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  • SpiritVlog Ep 2 – The Basics of Grounding

    Grounding is a practice that helps us to stay present and focused on our goals while connecting with the people around us. This #SpiritVlog explores the various ways to improve our grounding, and the science and benefits behind them. Plus a short Mother Earth Meditation at the end for extra grounding!

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