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About Sacred Circle

A Video Blog featuring the latest practical advice content in dialogue form.

Sacred Circle started out with the intention of providing a spiritual health and wellness service, but later developed into a personal blog sharing life experiences in mainly spiritual aspects. An ambitious brew of Poetry, Fantastic Stories and Self-Reflection blends tastefully with a shot of reality through Wellness Tips, Spiritual Wisdom and Practical Advice in the form of a video blog. Sacred Circle aspires to be an influential center for both seekers and writing enthusiasts alike.

The Author

Karan Lakhyani

Content Creator / Energy Practitioner

Karan is a highly intuitive empath who began practicing spirituality and energy work in 2018. Guided by a mentor, he began his own spiritual journey and started to develop his abilities through energy work.

He has done readings and energetic healing while also guiding himself through his own life journey, learning lessons from his experiences

He hopes to achieve new heights in his work as an energy practitioner as well as guide others who need help with certain aspects of their lives.

What I Offer
  • Energy Reading – Physical & Mental Wellbeing
  • General Life Guidance – Physical & Emotional
  • Content Creation

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