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SpiritVlog Ep 9 – Enhancing Balance in Our Lives

Burnout is a scary situation to be in. We can encounter so many obstacles in our lives that can take our time and energy away. Let’s look at some of the ways we can reclaim our power by taking our time and energy back.

P.s. Bonus Vlog on Enhancing Balance below!

1) Balance Sleep

Though sleep is subjective, Deprived sleep may increase anxiety and excess sleep deprives us of clarity. Aim for 6-8 hours a day to hit the sweet spot.

2) Take a break (Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually)

Just like exercise, the recovery period is when we gain the muscle.

Physical rest like sleep and slow walks, Mental rest like light reading or talking to a friend, and Spiritual and Emotional rest like a short vacation or meditation are extremely beneficial.

3) Focus on Routines

From daily routines to chores, a system of established activities help us stay grounded, keep our bodies limber and allows our minds to focus on more important tasks/thoughts while reducing brain power on already familiar tasks,

4) Letting Go of Addictions (expectations)

Many of us are addicted to expectations. Be it of a person, a habit, a lifestyle or an activity. By letting go of idealistic expectations, we would be able to play our role as we are. Believe that by letting go of them, we would be able to move on to the next step. Sometimes expectations take up a lot of our energy. Letting go can free us of this energetic drain.

5) Keep Moving

If we encounter setbacks, our only option is to keep moving. Though it may be tough, Slow, steady steps bring us closer to our goals. When the world gets overwhelming, let’s remind ourselves of the smaller picture, Basic needs and health. Subsequently, once we’re a bit more stable, we can bring ourselves out of the hole. Vice versa, complacency does no benefit unless we’re already on our way out the door (workplace-wise).

6) Treading the Fine Line

The line between humility and complacency is a struggle for some, but with the right tools, the right heart and the right mindset, an obstacle like this is easily conquered as we bring our awareness, tools, skills and abilities to the table every day.

Here is a short vlog on Enhancing The Balance, where I elaborate more on this process with detailed examples. Feel free to skip through the video to the relevant sections.


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