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SpiritVlog Ep 14 – Managing Overindulgence

How  much time do we spend on our indulgences? Are we enjoying life, or  escaping reality? Are we choosing a path towards addiction? Or are we choosing to pull ourselves out and take control of our lives? Tune in as we discuss strategies to keep ourselves accountable for our indulgences.

FYI: The video only works on the main site, not on WordPress Reader.

The Four key takeaways here were:

1) Prevention is better than cure. With a good support system, healthy life balance and accountability, we won’t need to depend on indulgences to de-stress.

2) Awareness. Instead of overindulging to bury uncomfortable feelings, sit with our breath and observe our thoughts. Bring awareness to our emotions and learn to deal with them positively.

3) Quitting or Finding Alternatives. If cold turkey works for you, stick with it. If not, find alternative activities (hobby, new sport etc) to signify your commitment to quitting or reducing an indulgence.

4) Managing withdrawal and Tracking Progress. With great quitting (e.g. coffee withdrawal), come great migraines. The sores and aches from withdrawal may tempt us to ‘reduce the pain’. Don’t fall for them. Instead, acknowledge our progress by tracker apps to keep ourselves motivated.

P.s. also check out this blog post from 2020 about Escapism. Great read to give us perspective on our indulgence and overcoming them.


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