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Letting Go (Poem collab w/ ChatGPT)

Letting Go

A brew of fragrance,
Rising through the dirt.
An earthy incense
Fills my being through every channel.
I feel light, I feel strong, 
I feel that nothing matters.
And no matter what I still sing my song.

I've braved it all,
From Rags and tatters, to gold and diamonds.
From the start, till the very end

What matters now, has never mattered.
And what always mattered, can never now.

I've let go.
The beauty of this moment,
The shovel's embrace,
The sweat and the toil,
Rewarding this blessed space.

How did I manage to craft such beautiful poetry?

So from the previous post, we see that ChatGPT and I worked on a poem. And from the obvious outcome, I was not listening to AI’s suggestions. So now we put a different spin on things.

I decided to listen now and modify my poem, taking a new approach. Let’s see how that turned out.

Here I am working my self-indulgent nonsense again. Really difficult to convince a pool of accumulated knowledge to change its stance.a

Focusing on the beauty of the moment. I remember the smells and the freshness of it all. I tried to record it down. This is what I had.

So after AI suggested I use imagery, descriptive writing and personification, I decided to combine my style with the suggestions. After some flattery by the AI, I continued with something way better than my first poem (add hyperlink).

It became a story of empowerment. I was fine with it. And so was ChatGPT.

I then asked for a compilation of the entire poem. I got more than what I asked for.

Lo and behold, ChatGPT added it’s own last verse. Quite Impressive. Though not as deep as my masterpiece writing above it (I can dream, can’t I), I still find it a good use of structure to match with the cadence of the poem.

After the last bits of polishing, we have the final product. What a beauty!


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