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Close up of Full moon with craters visible

A poetry prompt from Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #300.

A poem/prose consisting of exactly 94 words, that includes the word “Midnight”. Here is mine:


Fear Strikes twelve

Chills right down to marrow 
I walk a street of harrow 

Ghost and ghouls
Clowns and fools

Pockets for the hands
Slipping of the sands

Maker, do we finally meet today?
Or do i get, another say?

Say I, a pass on this life of sorrow
Say you, future is rife come the morrow

I walk this night for thrills
Yet never needed skills

Wagon with broken wheels
Desire to break the seals

Confusion wakes
The mist takes

Once again
I remain

Stuck in the world
Watching as leaves unfurl


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